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Crew Shop recommends EFOX portable oxygen systems.


The EFOX portable oxygen system is suitable for single & twin engined aircraft, normally aspirated, turbo-charged, supercharged, and turbine aircraft, from Warriors to Chieftains.

Developed for Australian operating conditions, with long endurance and refills available at 750 sites throughout the country (changeover cylinders available from any BOC outlet).

The only Australian made Portable Aviation Oxygen solution with an Australian Parts Manufacturing Approval.

With an EFOX Portable Oxygen System fitted, you can 

  • or 10,000' for 25 hours,

Then replace the cylinder for $25 and do it again. 

Each system comes with documentation for CASA Approval to 18,000', weighs 5 kg, and mounts on a vacant seat.

Basic system includes Nasal Cannulas and mask and includes an Engineering Order.




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